What is TikTok’s Hot Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea?

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TikTok goes crazy over new Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea recipe – but what is it?

TikTok is full of foodies posting their latest dishes and vibes. From watermelon fries to cheese-topped grilled pickles and ‘million dollar spaghetti,’ the social media platform is filled with delicious recipes and even tastier dishes.

However, the TikToker’s latest drink combination has viewers running to the grocery store.

In a viral video that has attracted at least 1.1 million viewers, a foodie named Hisham Raus posted his new Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea recipe — but for some, the drink might have more meaningful than that, as it has cultural foundations from locations in Asia. .

Unsplash: gift habeshaw Raus went viral using a bottle of Sprite and black Lipton Iced Tea Bags to make an Asian-inspired drink.

TikTokers recommend cranberry Sprite for more flavor

Raus’s viral drink recipe involves steeping a black Lipton iced tea bag into a bottle of Sprite. This drink also includes a slice of lemon crushed with a mortar and pestle in the bottom of the glass—and don’t forget the ice!

Although the mixed Sprite drink is new to Americans, the recipe is of Asian origin, as cookbook author Clarissa Wei notes that both the drink and the method of making it are quite popular there. Taiwan.

Wei also explains more about the tea bag steeping method: “Cold steeping is a way to gently bring out the flavor of the tea without releasing too much tannin. In general, it is less bitter and much milder than hot steeped tea.”

Although some people may want to drink their Sprite and Lipton Iced Tea infused drinks right away, the waiting time for the flavors to take effect is 10 to 20 minutes.

As for Raus’ TikTok video, where the drink went viral, viewers were quick to comment on his recipe, saying, “He knows what he’s doing” as well as “I have to try this hey, congratulations.”

Some people even suggested making their own steeped drink, saying that a Cranberry Sprite mixed with a black Lipton Iced Tea Bag would taste even better.

Although Raus’ TikTok video of him making Sprite drinks has gone viral, many other users have taken to the social media platform to share their take on the action – and let’s say, TikTok approves!

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