When will internet services be restored in Pakistan?

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In recent news, it was reported that the Internet shutdown has cost telecom operators a revenue loss of around Rs 820 million. There must have been political instability when Pakistan banned Telecommunication services. You must read this article and follow us to find out detailed information related to this news. Continue reading for more details.

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Internet Services in Pakistan

People in crisis-hit Pakistan are facing a serious dilemma as millions remain offline for three consecutive days as the government revokes mobile broadband services following Imran’s arrest Khan, who has now received interim relief from the Supreme Court. Amid the clashes, the country’s telecommunications regulator said the services had been withdrawn indefinitely following a directive from the Interior Ministry as violent clashes had broken out between security forces and PTI supporters.

As millions of people are trying to reconnect while still relying on services that rely on the Internet, the suspension has caused financial losses, while telecommunications officials remain tight-lipped about the Internet’s revival . The South Asian country already ranks among the world’s poorest countries for internet access, and the recent outage was nothing short of chaotic. The internet suspension has even left Pakistanis unable to access any work on freelancing platform ‘FIVER’, which has warned customers about no internet availability. Daily bettors working on online services like Careem and FoodPanda are still struggling.

Internet disruption also affects Pakistani startups, digital creators and online education projects. Besides mobile broadband, social media sites including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are down for users as people are unable to connect on the social platform. The Pakistani government’s decision to shut down mobile internet services nationwide has caused mobile phone companies and online taxi and bike services to lose significant revenue.

This move came after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan sparked a wave of protests nationwide. Over the past two days, online taxi and bike services have been shut down due to internet outages, inconveniencing commuters who rely on these services for transportation. According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority sources, there is no possibility of restoring the Internet in the country today. The government and mobile phone companies are facing losses of 1 billion rupees a day due to internet shutdowns.

This loss of revenue is likely to have a significant impact on Pakistan’s already struggling economy. The decision to close mobile internet services was also criticized by human rights activists and journalists, saying it violated the rights to freedom of expression and access to information. The Pakistani government has not yet given a timeline for the restoration of internet services in the country. As the shutdown continues, Pakistanis must deal with the consequences of this decision.

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