Who is Brooke Sansone, Charlie Puth’s fiancee?

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Charlie Puth meets fiancee Brooke Sansone met when they were kids and reconnected in 2022 – but who is the woman about to marry the ‘See You Again’ singer?

Singer and songwriter turned YouTuber, Charlie Puth, shot to fame in 2010 with ‘Charlie Vlogs’ where he first showcased his talented vocals, lyrics and comedic side.

Puth continued to gain fans over the years thanks to appearances from the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and the Perez Hilton singing competition ‘Can You Sing?’ Not to mention, he also has Adele’s favor, giving him more leverage in the music industry.

Despite keeping his private life private for most of his career, Puth revealed that he was in a relationship with a longtime friend, Brooke Sansone, on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ this year.

The couple is engaged and Puth revealed his passionate relationship with his fiancee in an Instagram post. Sansone then reposted the trove of photos to her IG, announcing their engagement to her followers.

Charlie Puth and fiancee Brooke Sansone enjoy pepperoni pizza after their engagement.

Charlie Puth met Brooke Sansone while on vacation as a child

The origins of Puth and Sansone’s relationship date back to when they were children, their friendship began after their parents connected on vacation.

Although they weren’t together during Puth’s early rise to fame, the two reconnected in 2022 when they made their relationship public via Instagram. A year later, they made their red carpet debut at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Gala.

About a month after the Gala, Puth opened up about his now-fiancée on ‘The Howard Stern Show’, where he revealed nothing but feelings for his soon-to-be wife, saying that he was in love with someone that he grew up with. . Puth even shared that it was “so fun” to be with a partner he has known “for a long time.”

He then explains his expectations of Sansone: “She has always been very, very nice to me. I figure that when the future inevitably gets tough — because life has no valleys and peaks — she’ll be there for me, too.

Charlie Puth and Brooke Sansone announce their engagement

Since their engagement, Puth and Sansone have posted a series of photos on Instagram showing the couple’s joy as well as the beautiful diamond Puth used to propose to Sansone.

Who is Brooke Sansone, Charlie Puth’s fiancee? 1Who is Brooke Sansone, Charlie Puth’s fiancee? 2Instagram: charlieputhBrooke Sansone shows off her stunning engagement ring while dining with fiancee Charlie Puth.

To caption their joint Instagram post, Puth wrote: “I flew to New York to propose to my best friend and she said yes. I am the happiest, best version of myself and it’s all thanks to you Brookie. I love you endlessly forever and ever.”

Who is Brooke Sansone?

Besides being Puth’s fiancée, Sansone also works as a PR and digital marketing coordinator at ‘Butter and Eggs’. The company itself is a full-service design firm for residential spaces.

Sansone also has an Instagram account dedicated to fashion called ‘Thee Closet Next Door’ where she posts men’s and women’s outfits for specific occasions.

Who is Brooke Sansone, Charlie Puth’s fiancee? 3Who is Brooke Sansone, Charlie Puth’s fiancee? 4Instagram: BrookesansoneBrooke Sansone met Charlie Puth when they were children and reconnected in 2022.

When Sansone isn’t working, she’s likely traveling as her Instagram is filled with posts from around the world, where she enjoys good meals and better company.

However, before becoming known as Puth’s girlfriend and fiancée, Sansone studied at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. She graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing.

Although Sansone and Puth have announced their engagement, neither has commented on their wedding plans. However, in their Instagram post, the two can be seen enjoying a pepperoni pizza as they celebrate their new journey together.

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