Who Is Wendi Kong From “Love Is Blind” Season 4?

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Love is Blind is set to return with another exciting season this week, and the show will feature 30 people who want to discover love in an unusual way. The group will be made up of 15 men and 15 women who will meet through a screen in the center. Wendi Kong, a Seattle-based aeronautical engineer, is one of the women scheduled to perform on the show.

Tudum, a Netflix original series, meets the new cast member:

“With a full-time job and an active social life, Wendi says she “doesn’t have time” and is “too happy” to prioritize dating.

Season 4 of Netflix’s Love is Blind will debut on Friday, March 24 at 3:01 a.m. ET.

“Love is Blind” Season 4 Contestant Wendi Kong Volunteered at BOK Ranch

The actress attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2013 to 2017, where she studied materials science and chemical engineering and was a member of the senior women’s tennis team, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, and MIT FSAE. She also helped at BOK Ranch, a horseback training and rehabilitation center for youth with physical and mental disabilities.

Who Is Wendi Kong From “Love Is Blind” Season 4? 1Who Is Wendi Kong From “Love Is Blind” Season 4? 2

During her tenure at the institution, she worked as a student academic for three months in 2014, followed by nine months at the MIT Energy Initiative in the same role. She then worked as an instructor at MIT Global Teaching Labs before working as a nanocomposites intern for the INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Braga, Portugal. The Love is Blind season 4 candidate also worked at MIT DMSE, 3M, and Primus Power before joining Northrop Grumman, where she held various positions.

Wendi began working at the company as an F-35 Materials and Process Engineer, then as an F-35 Manufacturing Engineer and Manufacturing Engineer for a total of three years. Wendi was subsequently hired as a manufacturing engineer at Blue Origin in 2020, where she stayed for two years before moving to Amazon, where she has worked as a space hardware manufacturing engineer since February 2022.

She hopes to meet interesting people and possibly discover love while participating in the Netflix matchmaking show. Wendi wants a partner who “radiates compassion, commitment and energy,” so she can keep up with him on the hiking trail or in the gym.

She said in her Netflix bio:

“My best feature is that I make my bed every morning.”

Who Is Wendi Kong From “Love Is Blind” Season 4? 3Who Is Wendi Kong From “Love Is Blind” Season 4? 4

Irina Solomonova, Marshall Glaze, Bliss, Kwame Appiah, Micah Lussier, Zack Goytowski, Jackelina Bonds, Brett Brown, April King, Ava Van Jenson, Brandie Bowman, Chris Clemens, Chelsea Griffin, Connon Fremmerlid, Jack Bonner, Jimmy Forde and Josh Demas They are among the other people who accompany her on the program.

Amber Wilder, Juan Johnson, Quincy, Paul, Josh JP Schultz, Kacia, Kendra, Molly, Monica, Tiffany, Bill and Ryland are also scheduled to appear in season 4 of Love is Blind. Love is Blind season 4 will debut on Netflix on Friday, March 24 at 3:01 a.m. ET.

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