Xem Phim Đàm Phán – The Point Men (Full Trọn Bộ Vietsub )

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“The Point Men” is a tense political drama with the dangerous adventures of two diplomatic experts Jae-ho and intelligence agent Dae-sik. Faced with a huge political problem, they must cooperate to rescue the captured Taliban organization. Excellent acting and strong discussions help the film deliver a poignant representation of politics and life in Afghanistan.

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Introducing Review of the movie Negotiation – The Point Men

Main content of the movie Negotiation – The Point Men

The movie “The Point Men” is a fascinating and dramatic film, revolving around the dangerous journey of the expert couple Jae-ho and Dae-sik. They faced one of the largest political efforts in the nation’s history as they tried to save the lives of a group captured by the Taliban.

Jae-ho, a talented Korean diplomat, once faced painful failures during a tough mission in Afghanistan. To succeed, he is forced to cooperate with Dae-sik, a local special report. Although they had individual steadfastness before, to save the hostages they had to bond and create a trustworthy alliance.

Tense and dangerous negotiations between the two experts and the Taliban take place, and some parts are gradually threatened. During this process, Jae-ho and Dae-sik found sympathy and kindly trusted each other, overcoming all difficulties together to keep the flame of hope bright.

Xem Phim Đàm Phán – The Point Men (Full Trọn Bộ Vietsub ) 1Xem Phim Đàm Phán – The Point Men (Full Trọn Bộ Vietsub ) 2

The movie “The Point Men” brings viewers strong and dramatic emotions, from action scenes to the spirit of solidarity and noble sacrifice. The cooperation between the two protagonists and the friendship must definitely create a memorable image in the hearts of the audience.

The Point Men movie review and review

The movie “The Point Men” has received many positive responses from the audience. The engaging content revolves around the negotiations between a pair of diplomatic and special situation experts with the Taliban to resolve hostages, creating tense and risky negotiations that bring moments of tension and separation. any for assumption.

Excellent actors such as Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin were praised for their harmony and kindness in difficult matters. The film delicately shows scenes shot in Afghanistan, bringing beautiful and realistic images to the story.

Honoring the courage and sacrifice of those who sought to rescue hostages in dangerous circumstances, the film sends a message of love for country and generosity in the search for peace.

The film also opens up specific political and cultural perspectives of countries in the region, making political judgments between parties with their own views and interests.

In summary, “The Point Men” is an attractive film with profound political content, creating strong emotions and reflections on life and human emotions in a difficult and difficult context. danger.


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