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ZArchiver Pro is a single archive just for storing files in your smartphone. Along with that comes the ability to protect and affect these files for many different purposes. The pro version of this app has more features related to user safety and eye protection. It is the ideal tool for you to trust and store your files. This way, ZArchiver Pro doesn’t even need an internet connection. So sharing and moving documents will be very easy. To extract and download you still need a stable network connection.

The application stores files in their normal state and provides additional decompression tools specifically for large files. The reason is that smartphones only have a specific storage limit. If there are too many large files in the space, it will more or less affect the operation of the mobile phone. You don’t even have enough space to download more apps. As a result, the files will be decompressed in a modest size. Ideal for orderly storage without overload.

Download ZArchiver Pro mod – Protect files with many unique methods

The folder list will appear right in the main interface of ZArchiver Pro. They are given different names so you can tell them apart and know what files they contain. Click on each folder to view the most intuitive and direct way. Click again on the given file to perform the action. This includes information from the review file. You will clearly know where the files are coming from. Which apps are downloading at the same time and when are they being downloaded. What is the current average size? There are so many things you need to take care of and do. Just a little lack can make your smartphone overload.

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perform file operations

Of course, we have to do a lot of work on the file for this to work. ZArchiver Pro has all the most common and important operations for file analysis. You can choose to unzip the file now, unzip and move to another folder, check the file information, and download it now if there is compatibility. Or check out the documentation to see which one is right for you. You will use these functions often. Feel free to rename the files as long as they don’t overlap.

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Ensure data security

For some other applications, this functionality is more limited. Few file storage apps have security features like ZArchiver Pro. Select the files you want, even a large folder. Set a password for them so that no one can get in. This is important for your work-related data. Enter a long and complex password that only you know. The possibility of data loss will be less and less, almost non-existent. Because even without a password, ZArchiver Pro demonstrates a very efficient ability to store information.

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Change security theme

Due to different work conditions and nature, many cases you will have to use smartphones in general and ZArchiver Pro in particular, may have to use in dark spaces. ZArchiver Pro is also very psychological with a pre-designed dark screen mode. The light will be significantly weaker and less harmful to the eyes. You can perform tasks for long periods of time without much impact. So the use of ZArchiver Pro in many environments is also very convenient and less harmful to health.

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In ZArchiver Pro, your necessary files and information will be completely safe. Use features and safety modes that are safe for the user’s eyes. ZArchiver Pro mod is worth using regularly to make your work more convenient.

Download ZArchiver Pro APK for Android

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