Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.31.2

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Zombie Catchers set out to find monsters to clear the planet and restore peace. You don’t have to fight monsters, instead you hunt them for profit. AJ and Bud are the traders of the deal, and they hunt monsters everywhere. You are the nightmare of monsters hidden deep underground. Use machines to find out where they hide and use specialized weapons to catch them. Players kill monsters while making money from this, isn’t it great? Wherever you go is a place to scare monsters. Their extinction date is approaching.

With a rich inventory of equipment, you will be more effective at catching monsters when switching to new equipment. But to use advanced tools, players need to prove their skills by passing levels. As you get to a higher level, the more tools that work for you, the better. Zombie Catchers allows you to become a real monster hunter. No need to fight or attack monsters like Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, Mow Zombies. Time to develop your fearsome obsession with monsters. While you’re there, don’t let any undead escape.

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Monsters hide deep underground, so be very careful when they appear. Their characteristic is to want to gnaw their heads. Unfortunately for them, you have a lot of brains. Place them near where they are, and hide somewhere or leave and wait for the monsters to appear. Use the javelin gun to easily catch all the monsters you come across. When they hit the ground, you must quickly grab it, otherwise the monster will hide in the forest. The small number of monsters per level limits their ability to escape. Zombie Catchers allows the player to free monsters. Take them to the lab and claim your bonus.

Diverse maps involving many quests

Swamps, beaches, snow fields, Chinatown, lagoons are where you go to find monsters. But you need to explore each place according to your current level. It’s not too difficult to start from the swamp on the level, you need to collect the monsters here before they run into the forest. Use Plotunium to speed up the process of finding and then performing tasks. Attractive rewards are waiting for you if there are enough monsters.

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Many devices are equipped

You can find many things to aid in monster hunting. Equipment, extra items, drones, presses, give your character the tools to catch monsters faster. Never let the monster escape from the ground. Bring them all to the lab. Some advanced weapons like Jetpack, Net Gun, Tranquilizer, Harpoon Model 2, Tesla Trap … you not only try to have many weapons but also have to upgrade them to make the most of them. Each weapon needs to be upgraded in its own way. Max Ammo, Strength, Max Trap, Rope Length are a few examples of gun stats.

character decoration

In addition, Extras help decorate your character with many styles. Cowboy hats, hunting hats, winter hats are all basic items and it is not difficult to own them. But for high-value high-end items, you need to use Zombie Catcher MOD to buy them easily. Swimwear, goat meat, and fast food are all expensive options. Refresh your character with the accessories you want.

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Zombie Catchers is an extremely fun monster hunting game. Prepare your pro tools and play like a real monster hunter. Make food, juice and sweets for hungry people and earn money from this activity. Players just quit the monster business just to make huge profits. Download Zombie Catcher MOD, hunt monsters everywhere and explore the rich map system here.

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