All About Paula Newsome & His Disability And More

All About Paula Newsome & His Disability And More - age, height, girl friend, wife, networth, wiki, biography

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Paula Newsome disability is still unknown though her fans believe that she is suffering from a disability that makes her walk with a limp.

Paula Newsome (born on 7 October 1961) is a well-known American actress famous for her role in the ABC police drama Women’s Mu*der Club (2007–08).

Profile Summary
Name Paula Newsome
Birth Date 7 October 1961
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, USA
Age 62 Years Old
Height 5 feet 4 Inches
Net Worth $4 Million
College Morgan Park Academy
University Webster University
Education Conservatory of Theaters Arts
Profession Actress
Father Max Donald Newsome
Husband George Daniels
Nationality American

Who is Paula Newsome?

Paula Newsome Disability

Paula Newsome is a famous American actress who was born on October 7, 1961.

She has acted in several TV shows, but some of the most important ones were short-lived, which means they didn’t last very long.

One of her notable roles was in a police drama called “Women’s Mu*der Club” on ABC, which aired from 2007 to 2008.

She has also appeared in other TV shows like NYPD Blue, NCIS, Barry, and Chicago Med in recurring roles, which means she played a character who appeared on those shows multiple times.

In 2021, Paula Newsome started playing the main character, Maxine Max Roby, in a CBS crime drama series called CSI: Vegas.

This is a big deal for her career, and it’s her latest and most important role on TV.

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Paula Newsome Disability Status

Paula Newsome Disability

Paula Newsome disability is unknown as she has not revealed any sufferings in the media. However, her fans believe that she is suffering from a disability as Paula was found walking with a limp on stage.

This all began when one of her fans shared a tweet on X (formerly Twitter). The tweet said:

Some folks are saying I’m crazy or seeing something not there, but CSI Vegas star Paula Newsome walks with a limp. I just wondered why and have been told, well, the above. I’m not crazy. It looks like difficulty with her left hip, but that’s just an arthritic old woman talking.”

The Twitter User

Through such discussions, people came to know that Paula Newsome might have gone through any surgery, as a result, she walked with a limp.

Also, there could be chances that she walked in that way just casually as part of her role, and she is not suffering from any medical condition.

In the end, she is the one who knows better about this.

Why Did Paula Newsome Walked With a Limp?

Paula Newsome walked with a limp for a few rumored reasons. She might gone through any surgery that caused her to walk that way.

Apart from this, rumors say that she walked with a limp because it was a casual role to play on the stage. But still, she has not opened up officially about this incident.

Early Life of Paula Newsome

Paula Newsome Disability

Paula Newsome was born on 7 October 1961 in Chicago, Illinois, America. Her father, Max Donald Newsome passed away on July 10, 2019. She has not opened anything about her mother.

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Paula has two sisters whose names are still unavailable in the media. She holds American nationality with mixed ethnicity.

She has been interested in acting since her early days. That’s why she later pursued her education in that way.

She first enrolled in Morgan Park Academy where she completed her graduation. Later, Paula earned her bachelor’s degree at Webster University in the Conservatory of Theaters Arts.

Who is Paula Newsome Husband?

Paula Newsome has been married to her husband George Daniels for a lot of time. The couple has not opened up a lot about their dating life and marriage.

However, sources confirmed that they tied the knot in a private ceremony. They currently have no children and still trying to get blessed with them.

How Much is Paula Newsome Net Worth?

Paula Newsome estimated net worth is $4 million as of the year 2024. She has grabbed such a huge wealth through her acting career.

She has appeared in more than sixty films and TV Series which is enough for someone to become a multi-millionaire.

Earlier in 2022, Paula was standing at a wealth of $3 million, which has now crossed to $4 million. This means that she is making an annual salary of $1 million approximately.

Facts About Paula Newsome

  • Paula Newsome is a renowned American actress born on October 7, 1961, known for her diverse roles in TV shows and movies.
  • Paula has made recurring appearances in TV shows like NYPD Blue, NCIS, Barry, and Chicago Med.
  • In 2021, she took on a leading role as Maxine Max Roby in the CBS crime drama series “CSI: Vegas,” marking a significant milestone in her career.
  • There is speculation about Paula Newsome having a disability as some fans noticed her walking with a limp, although she has not publicly disclosed any health issues.
  • Rumors suggest that her limp may be related to surgery or could have been part of a role she played on stage.
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